{ "URL": "", "API_SECRET": "YOUR BINANCE API SECRET", // STRING "API_KEY": "YOUR BINANCE API KEY", // STRING "WIGGLE_ROOM": 0.5, // FLOAT - THE PERCENTAGE MARGIN YOU ARE WILLING TO PLAY WITH "MAIN_MARKET": "BTCUSDT", // STRING - THE MARKET, E.G. BTCUSDT "CANCEL_AFTER": 300, // After how long in seconds should you cancel an order? "INSTANCE_NAME": "BTC", // If you are using the same Discord server to receive notifications from multiple instances, this makes it easy to know which instance is sending you a notification. "INTERVAL": 3000, // How long before loop repeats in milliseconds "ACCEPTABLE_LOSS": 2, // this is not yet used in the logic "HIGHEST_RSI": 70, // INTEGER - HIGHEST RSI VALUE YOU WANT TO AVOID BUY "DISCORD": "DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL", // WHERE TO SEND BUY/SELL NOTIFICATIONS "DISCORD_ERRORS": "DISCORD_WEBHOOK_URL_FOR_ERRORS", // WHERE TO SEND ERRORS "ASSET_PERCENT": 99, // the percentage of main asset to sell. Max value = 99 "FIAT_OR_QUOTE_PERCENT": 99, // percentage of the bridge/fiat/quote coin to use when buying. Max value = 99 "TELEGRAM_TOKEN": "", // TELEGRAM TOKEN "TELEGRAM_CHATID": "", // TELEGRAM CHATID "BUYING_PRICE_DIVIDER": 1, // This default value means the buying price is the current price minus the wiggle room. If you want to buy a little closer to the current price, increase this value. "PIN": 12345, // This is used in the UI. When you change this, you need to restart the bot. "PORT": "3000", // This is the default port of the frontend server. "STATE": "ON" // "ON" or "OFF". This is useful if you are using a remote server and you want that when you have stopped from the frontend, the bot does not auto resume trading when server restarts. }