chatopia is Ethiopia's first Project Goal for Effective Social Media Marketing requiring well thought out, careful social media, sophisticated and engaging content, research skills, implementation and goal tracking for goal attainment focused on raising a community by posting  interesting content and interesting conversation.

 " will OPTIMIZE positive NEWS FEED and We will optimize the news feed to increase good conversions in our country."

Chatopia aims to improve and optimize how people are informed, create meaningful conversations online, and connect more people to more opportunities within the country. aims to reduce the overall feeling of hopelessness and apathy by increasing the positive social media feeds of Ethiopia using positive storytelling activities done right. We also aim to create a community around this content where citizens can provide feedback, support it and spread it further thus creating a positive feedback loop in the community for change.

"We would like to build a better Ethiopia and we know it is possible if we are able to do it together. Here on we want to see all Ethiopians give and get the best out of each other."

"Chatopia is a community-driven social network created by Ethiopians for Ethiopians."

"Chatopia will help you meet like-minded people, discover new businesses and services, get the latest news from different parts of the globe, and share with others.


The first step is to raising awareness about Ethiopia's news. There is no news feed for Ethiopia, no information and very few blogs. 
It will be a great opportunity to promote Ethiopia's development in every way possible 
and users will share and like the site, increasing traffic. Users can come to know more about Ethiopia. They can follow Ethiopia's new sites and learn more about all the interesting things that are happening in our country at this moment.